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Welcome to The Hair Boutique!  There is a reason why age isn't seen in the same way as it was years ago. Sure, femininity, masculinity and better living through exercise are large reasons for the way we are depicted today, no matter what our age may be. However, when others regard each of us, what is the first things that are noticed? Our face and our hair. Hair care, creative hair styles and skin care are first perceptions for most people. Wouldn't it be terrific if you could have a caring hair designer to ensure your outer beauty for all those who see you?

Well, the Pickerington Hair Boutique on Columbus St. in Pickerington, Ohio is one of those caring, stylish and remarkably friendly places that can accomplish that for you. All clients are treated as family, with personable conversations, so, you know, that you'll look great to promote the family image when you head out into the town for all to see. Not only do the hair stylists here perform beautiful and stylish design for both males and females, but lovely manicures and pedicures are also available for everyone.

Weddings, proms, and all special occasions are reasons to look lovely and fashionable, but at the Pickerington Hair Boutique, your special look will permeate your daily style as well as helping you look terrific for all your special occasions.

Give the Pickerington Hair Boutique a call. Make an appointment. Friendly service as well as professional care await you.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns we would love to know what you think: email pickeringtonhairboutique@gmail.com.


pickerington hair boutique

Hours of Operation


Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday 9AM - 7PM

Wednesday 9AM - 7PM

Thursday 9AM - 7PM

Friday 9AM - 7PM

Saturday 9AM - 3PM

Sunday - CLOSED




(614) 834-9720

The Hair Boutique

37 E. Columbus St.
Pickerington, OH 43147




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